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Starting an Apothecary for a Home Practice

SKU: HGX1N-140-T
11/9/2001 More details...
Price: $10.00
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Starting an Apothecary for a Home Practice
Starting an Apothecary for a Home Practice
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Product Details
(Beginning Level) Learn the most useful plants to cover a wide range of therapeutics confronted by beginning herbalists.
1 Tape Set

American Herbalists Guild 2001 Symposium ~ Helen, Georgia
Speaker: Kathleen Maier, PA, AHG
Conference Description:For the 12th year, the American Herbalist's Guild unites leading herbalists from around the country and the world to meet and share experience and knowledge to build and revitalize our herbal tradition. The event is open to practicing herbalists, students of herbal medicine, complementary and alternative medicine health care providers, nurses, pharmacists, massage therapists or physicians seeking to expand knowledge about the medicinal use of plants.
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208 Douglas Avenue

Kathleen Maier, PA, AHG

Contact: Bill and Toby Gottfried ~ Andi Schecter
TELEPHONE ~ 206-522-1262 ~ (A.S.)

Phone: 925-254-6692 ~

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